Employability, educational success, access and recognition of TVET

The projects under Theme 2 focus on supporting academic access and success, as well as employability and labour market insertion.

They include promotional activities, creation of online platforms, services to support student access and retention.
The partners worked together to improve the services offered to students, such as tailored psychological, academic counselling, employability and student life (sports, arts, culture, etc.) services, to help promote academic success.
This has made it possible, among other things, to keep students from dropping out, by providing them with a better environment, and to admitting more young people with disabilities into programs.
Discover the projects and activities linked to employability, educational success, access and recognition of TVET:
  • Project A08 – Promotion of TVET through national campaigns and capacity building within ministries of education
  • Project B08.1 – E-learning as a tool for high-quality TVET
  • Project B09 – Student life and school services
  • Project B10 – Supporting inclusive access and retention of students
  • Project B11 – The power of pedagogy for inclusive TVET
  • Project B12 – Coordination of services to promote academic success


It's something to be proud of!

3 473 young beneficiaries

of the program with access employability and job placement support services

78% of women

very satisfied with the relevance of the employability support services provided by the program

82% of women

very satisfied with the relevance of the academic success services provided by the program

536 jobs offered

by extractive sector companies in the program’s regions in the labour market intermediation and job placement services

4 customized promotional campaigns

for each PA country, on employment opportunities in the ES with an emphasis on recruiting women.

28 755 933 people

exposed to the promotion campaigns, exceeding the target of one million.


Hear what they say about it
Lorenginis Berti Lorca
Delegate from Chile for the Pacific Alliance Education Technical Group (ETG)

Lessons learned

The lessons learned from the theme 2 projects focus on support, academic access and success, and employability and labour market insertion.



Quality of technical and vocational education and training (TVET)