Project B10

Supporting inclusive access and student retention

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Supporting inclusive access and student retention

In collaboration with the Colombian Ministry of Education, the project’s primary objective was to contribute to the reduction of drop-out rates, the promotion of timely graduation, and the employability of students/trainees at the Unidades Tecnológicas de Santander (UTS) and the Centro Minero Regional Boyacá (CMRB) under the Servicio Nacional de Aprendizaje (SENA) in Sogamoso.
At the national level, SENA trains technicians to work in companies within the country. To this end, a decision was made to implement three actions, in the form of a pilot project, for each of these institutions.



Project B10 was based on four components, which were implemented through various actions. Component 1 – Technical and Educational Enhancement focused on academic success as a methodology. Three types of training were delivered: academic success, inclusive education, and learning and assessment. As part of Component 2 – Support for Services Management, the process of supporting academic success was analyzed, specifically its critical pieces (management and teaching), and job placement services were strengthened for the development of students’ soft skills.
Under Component 3 – Support for the Development of Applied Research Projects, detailed research was carried out on the situations, needs, and protective factors of students/learners to promote academic success with a focus on inclusivity and gender equity. Lastly, Component 4 – Support for the Creation of Collaborative Mechanisms with Stakeholders Focused on Academic Success consisted of the creation of a virtual sharing space (community of practice) in each institution to promote reflection, sharing, and mutual training on academic success in the context of distance learning, based on the experiences of students and instructors.

It's something to be proud of!

670 UTS and SENA students

and trainers access services focused on academic success and employability support

more than

20 000 downloads of the app

The mobile app developed to facilitate the UTS students’ access to services has achieved its objective as there were more than 20 000 downloads of the app by students.


With respect to CMRB’s activities, a documentation and transfer process was carried out with the general management of SENA, which is interested in and focused on disseminating and replicating the services developed within the framework of B.10 with the National School of Instructors and the other training centres.


Which of the services improved by the Program is the most important for, as a student?

“The interpreting service is really important to me because it has allowed me to understand the information in class, to communicate with my classmates, and I have been able to learn now thanks to this service.”
Carlos Andrés Caballero

Carlos Andrés Caballero

Sports technology student with a hearing impairment, Unidades Tecnológicas de Santander (UTS), Colombia



Hear what they say about it
Freddy Uriel Chaparro Orduz
Workplace Health and Safety Instructor, Centro Minero Regional Boyacá (CMRB), under the Servicio Nacional de Aprendizaje (SENA), Colombia

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