Environmental sustainability

The various actions carried out by the program are summarized below, both at a strategic level with policy makers and at an operational level with young people on the ground.

One of the intermediate outcomes sought by the PA-EFE Program was an increased long-term dialogue among the Pacific Alliance countries, with the support of Canada, on sustainable practices, policies, and guidelines, and to provide training for men and women in areas of the strategic sectors, in equality of conditions for training and employment.

For this, an Environmental Sustainability Strategy was developed to identify the countries’ actions around this cross-cutting theme in the extractive sector. Workshops directed at public-sector staff in Colombia, Mexico, Peru, and Chile were also held within the PA-EFE Program on the design, implementation, and monitoring of public policies for environmental sustainability.

In addition to the work at the policy level, the PA-EFE Program has carried out more than 75 awareness-raising activities in partner training centres in order to work on environmental sustainability at all levels.

In summary, the implementation of the environmental sustainability strategy has been a success in terms of promoting sustainable practices and implementing environmental best practices at regional, national, and institutional levels. It also contributed to the strengthening of environmental issues, which will contribute significantly to the sustainable development in the Pacific Alliance region.

It's something to be proud of!

22 policies

and best practices were systematized.

193 students

sensitized on environmental sustainability.

77 extra-curricular opportunities for developing environmental

competencies created under the Program, exceeding the target of 40.

The Program

has supported the implementation of green campuses in 91% of institutions.

124 people trained

in policy design with an environmental sustainability perspective.

8 policies

or guidelines implemented through the program significantly touch on environmental considerations and sustainable development.

Analysis of policies and best practices for environmental sustainability in the PA

In order to contribute to the strengthening of the national policies and best practices on environment that were presented during the Intersectoral Forum on Environmental Sustainability (held virtually in November 2021), the PA-EFE Program analyzed their design, implementation, and monitoring. The result was the preparation of the report “Analysis of Policies and Best Practices for Environmental Sustainability in the Pacific Alliance Countries,” which was released and presented at the Capitalization Forum in January 2023.
The preparation of this publication was based both on the takeaways from the forum and on information obtained through document reviews and interviews with key actors in the four PA countries. In total, 22 policies and best practices were systematized.
The report concludes with a series of specific recommendations for each PA country, all of which emerged from the questionnaires and interviews, to assist in the development of public policies around environmental sustainability.


What was the impact of the Program's environmental sustainability activities on your work?

“The extractive sector had not been not considered in the environmental sectors of our countries. There were even initial doubts as to whether one could be involved, to what level, and why, since the extractive sector is handled by our ministries of economy or ministries of mining, depending on the country. So, I think that was the biggest benefit: that as a Technical Group we learned that there is also an urgent need to work hand in hand on extractive sector issues.”

Moisés Senén Hernández Sánchez

Former official from the International Department of the Secretariat of Environment and Natural Resources (SEMARNAT), Mexico


Outstanding results have been achieved in terms of environmental sustainability. Some of the most important results are presented below.

Documents and resources


Collaboration and harmonization in the Pacific Alliance