Project B081

E-learning as a tool for high-quality TVET

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E-learning as a tool for high-quality TVET

The objective of the project was to implement a national pilot platform for an online learning management system (LMS) for several institutes.
The idea was to continue the development of the virtual educational service, which would be connected with DIGESUTPA’s information systems (under MINEDU) and would facilitate a competency-based teacher training program.
The initiative benefited 342 public institutions offering technical and technological education to around 130,000 students in different regions of the country. This is a key contribution because not all students and teachers have the same access to the Internet in terms of connectivity and availability of devices.
The gender perspective was included throughout the project because women are a fundamental part of the academic communities of the educational institutes attached to DIGESUTPA, and gaps in access to technology and information still persist between men and women, both in urban and rural areas of Peru.


A diagnosis was conducted to review the existing documentation submitted by the Peruvian Ministry of Education (MINEDU).
Evaluations were performed for several institutes on the development process for the online learning management system (LMS), the training for its use, and the implementation of the LMS’ national pilot platform.

It's something to be proud of!

77 educational tools

to develop different online teaching methods and content

2 training curricula

developed for the Peruvian Ministry of Education on change management and e-learning

129 459 students

of the DIGESUTPA’s IESTs indirectly benefited by this project



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Rosa María Cristina Gianoli Molla
Coordinator of the Capacity Building Department and Coordinator of Teaching and Management, Peruvian Ministry of Education

Quality of technical and vocational education and training (TVET)