Project B11

The power of pedagogy for inclusive TVET

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The power of pedagogy for inclusive TVET

The local partners for this project were the Secretariat of Public Education from Mexico, the Universidad Tecnológica de Campeche, the CONALEP de Campeche 021, the Universidad Tecnológica de La Laguna y the CONALEP Centro Mexicano Francés 146.
The objective of this project was to improve students’ success. This was achieved by reviewing the causes of dropout and developing strategies to support their needs and enable them to continue and complete their studies.
The project also sought to improve employability and labour market insertion through the review of processes and services involving graduates and employers. In addition, a graduate follow-up system was developed to meet the needs of the extractive sector in the states of Campeche and Durango in Mexico.



Project B11 involved training teachers and institutional leaders, sharing experiences, and co-designing new services. The work with CONALEPs 021 and 146 focused on educational success services (academic success), including identification of the current status and improvement of the early warning tools used, the options available for female dropouts, a parents program, and safe spaces for women.
Meanwhile, the work at UTCAM and UTLD focused on employability and labour market integration services (graduate follow-up), including identifying the current status and improving processes and actions for collecting and analyzing information on graduates’ professional and personal performance, as well as graduate and employer satisfaction. Ten training workshops were also held on topics such as gender perspective, equity and equality, stereotypes, masculinities, bullying, and empowerment.

It's something to be proud of!

519 students

and teachers were surveyed in a diagnosis for the implementation of a peer mentoring system.

40 hours

of training on the implementation of a mentorship program were offered to 24 teachers from UTCAM, UTLD, CONALEP 021, and CONALEP 146.


The Mexican organizations involved now have agreements in place with the companies. Information on positions available through the job bank is also updated every four months by the Internship and Placement Department, with the names of the companies and jobs available for technicians.


How did you work on inclusion with your Canadian partners?

“The inclusion program started by working with people with disabilities, and then we opened it up to all other so-called vulnerable groups. So now we no longer see inclusion as just one side of the issue, but as an integral part of it.”
Jesús Omar Márquez Solís

Jesús Omar Márquez Solís

Head of Human Resources and Inclusion, Universidad Tecnológica de La Laguna Durango (UTLD), Mexico



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Xochil Aguilar Osorio
Director of the Industrial Maintenance and Petroleum Maintenance Program for the Technological University of Campeche (UTCAM) in Mexico

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