Project B05

Leadership, change management, and development of an applied research centre

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Leadership, change management, and development of an applied research centre

Project B05 had two parts, one under Theme 3: “Quality of Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET),” and one under Theme 4: Business and Community Services.”
In both instances, work was done with the Colegio Nacional de Educación Profesional Técnica de Ciudad del Carmen de Campeche (CONALEP 021) and with the Universidad Tecnológica de Campeche (UTCAM).
Under Theme 4, Project B05 focused on two approaches. The first was leadership in change management, and the second was the creation of an applied research centre (the CIACIP at UTCAM), through training and exchanges of experiences with other PA countries to build the develop the skills needed to drive applied research.
Within this context, Project B05 worked together with Colombia’s B04 (applied research: innovation accessible to all) and CICan to create a space for dialogue. Other countries joined the initiative, so peers who were going through the same process could work together in an integrated manner, in spaces that were opened for collaboration and educational development.

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With an investment from the Canadian government in equipment valued at CAN$50,000, the Peninsular Centre for Applied Research, Training and Innovation (Centro de Investigación Aplicada Capacitación e Innovación Peninsular; CIACIP) was set up at the Universidad Tecnológica de Campeche (UTCAM). This made it possible to offer this service to the industry and to provide UTCAM students with practical experience through direct contact with the industry. It also facilitated the inclusion of female research instructors to generate applied science and provide them with more job opportunities.
New strategies were developed and implemented for sustainable school–business relations, especially in applied research and equipment supply. For this purpose, training was provided to research instructors on all equipment in CIACIP’s non-destructive testing laboratory. In turn, instructors from the Colegio Nacional de Educación Profesional Técnica in Ciudad del Carmen, Campeche (CONALEP 021) and UTCAM were trained on Advanced Management and Leadership in Change Management. This last course included the following topics: project leadership, introduction to risk management, personal and team stress management, leadership in team management, and gender and social inclusion management.

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Formation of 1 Centro

Peninsular Centre for Applied Research, Training and Innovation (CIACIP)  at UTCAM.

85 students

from UTCAM and CONALEP learned about applied research and innovation.

30 students

and instructors participated in 2 advanced welding courses.


What is the added value of Canadian experience in applied research?

“I think Canadian technical education is in line with the needs of the labour market, the region, and companies. I think this is a concept that instructors here should develop, both in the training of students—through the connections they make in work placements—and in the services they want to provide to companies. Here, the Applied Research Centre is something new, and it pursues this approach.”

Janie Trudel Bellefeuille

Coordinator of the International Office at Cégep de Trois-Rivières, Canada



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Jesús Tabarez Medina
Manufacturing Manager, CICSA, Campeche, Mexico

Gender equality and inclusion