Project B04

Applied research: innovation accessible to all and support for the promotion of entrepreneurship

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Applied research: innovation accessible to all and support for the promotion of entrepreneurship

Project B04 focuses on four main areas of interest: applied research, gender, entrepreneurship and innovation, and environment.
The initiative benefited the Unidades Tecnológicas de Santander (UTS), a Colombian public institution with more than 22,000 students.
Under this framework, key aspects, values, and approaches were published that will guide the new work practices at the institution’s two new centres: the Centro para el Desarrollo de Recursos Ambientales (CEDERA UTS), which focuses on applied research aiming at replicability and success, and the Centro Académico para el Fomento del Emprendimiento (CAFE UTS).
Through a cross-cutting approach, the work of all stakeholders, including instructors, administrators, employees, companies, and students, was supported. As such, the new cohorts were educated with a culture of innovation, by supporting the local community with on-site projects.

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A trip to Canada was organized for 16 leaders from the Unidades Tecnológicas de Santander (UTS), who were inspired by various experiences at the colleges to implement services and innovations at the UTS. Technological research equipment valued at CAN$100,000 was also donated for the determination of physico-chemical properties. The project also strengthened the three-way bond between academia and the public and private sectors, secured status as a legal entity for the Centre for Environmental Resource Development (Centro para el Desarrollo de Recursos Ambientales; CEDERA UTS), and raised funds to ensure the sustainability of CEDERA UTS and the Academic Centres for the Promotion of Entrepreneurship (Centros Académicos para el Fomento del Emprendimiento; CAFE UTS).
In parallel, training was delivered to students and instructors on educational leadership, applied research and innovation, entrepreneurship, gender and social inclusion, the environment and the greening of the institution, the impact of change management, and change management leadership. Among other activities, a discussion was held on gender and social inclusion with students from the UTS, and an International Forum on Change Management was organized.

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100 people

CAFE-UTS conducted a business incubator pilot that benefited 100 people who are now entrepreneurs.

48 companies assisted

by CEDERA in applied research and services.


After the inauguration of CEDERA, the applied research centre set up under the project, five other applied research centres were set up in various UTS departments.


What is the project that is being developped in La Fuente?

“At the moment what we are doing is implementing techniques for analyzing water quality: wastewater, drinking water, raw water, and surface water. This equipment donated by Canada is very important because we can use it to set up automatic analyses. This project will be carried out with the support of students who are part of the introductory cycle of Environmental Resources Technology. The idea is for students to strengthen their skills. They will see their learning outcomes in the activities they’ll be carrying out here on the La Fuente water pipeline.”

Aura Victoria Barrera

Instructor at the Centro para el Desarrollo de Recursos Ambientales, part of the Unidades Tecnológicas de Santander de Colombia (CEDERA UTS)



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Lina María Quintero Bedoya
Participant of the Centro Académico para el Fomento del Emprendimiento, under the Unidades Tecnológicas de Santander, Colombia (CAFE UTS), and owner of Mohán Tours Betulia

Gender equality and inclusion